Breaking through Restrictive Marketing Obstacles

With the ever increasing importance of cash based services, many medical professionals have discovered the power of marketing and are aggressively expanding their market share.

Marketing is, quite simply, the most important ingredient in your adventure to success. In order to increase the bottom line of your business, you have to get your message to your market.


For many, getting their business noticed is not that easy. Suxzess Marketing Innovations has extensively researched and qualified the following main obstacles faced by medical providers:

For many, effective marketing requires an investment beyond their means, leaving the potential of dramatic business growth beyond their reach.

But now, there is a solution, and we would like to introduce it to you:

The Xmv Marketing and Administration System

Xmv has many easy to use, yet extremely powerful and timesaving features. In this issue, we would like to focus on the ‘Xmv PILOT’, a fully automated marketing engine making effective marketing easy and accessible to all providers.

The Xmv auto-generating Marketing Engine

Xmv is the first and only system that auto-generates marketing assets based on patient behaviour. Xmv promotes your business to all your clients and leads even when while you are enjoying time out with your family, your boat on the high seas or a well deserved vacation:

Of course there is more, MUCH MORE!

To learn about all the other unique, time and money saving features,
please visit our website:

… or call us now @ 877.836.2410 to speak with one of our marketing professionals.

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